Help for kids

39 år


My husband is an alkoholiker And also he likes taking some drugs. He get some rehab ,but he was kicked out after 10 days. I can see how big influence all this sotiation on my kids . My datter is 13 And son 7. The father keep writing to her And try to put the responsibility about many things on her. We talk a lot And i try to help(she really loves father) but i can see that all this situation push her down.i really need help for her...any chance to get it from You...? 


Dear you

Thank you for your question. It's so nice to see that you're taking your children's father's substance misuse seriously and reaches out for help for your children! 

Unfortunately TUBA is only for 14-35 year olds - therefore your children are too young to start in a proces in TUBA. But I can see that you live in Københavns Kommune. I will therefore recommend you to contact The City of Copenhagen (for example at the town hall) and ask them to help your children. They are obligated to offer help for your children, so they'll definitely be able to help you. 

Best regards